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What Your Makeup Says About You in a Job Interview

somewhere beautiful beautyprosIt is common knowledge that the way you look directly affects how people interact with you and this is also true when you attend a job interview. It is crucial to look your best when you face your potential employer for the first time. For women, it’s only natural to apply make-up to enhance their facial features.  However, there are different ways of applying make-up and women need to know how to put on the appropriate amount of make-up during a job interview. Your make-up says a lot about you and your personality and the person interviewing you may use this to judge you on the spot. If you are scheduled for a job interview and you want to make the best impression to bag the position, here are some make-up tips that can help you.

Use a foundation that is not too cakey.

Foundation serves as the base so you can out layers of make-up and make it stay longer. There are different types of foundation sold in the market today. For a job interview, it’s important to consider a light foundation that doesn’t create a cakey effect. This will make you look like you don’t have make-up on and will create the impression of simplicity.

If you are interested in learning how to put on make up you can check out makeup schools.

Use a subtle shade of lipstick.

Today’s trends favor shades of lipstick that are loud and will catch anyone’s attention. While this can work in clubs and bars, it’s not advisable to wear this kind of lipstick during job interviews. Remember that you want your interviewer to focus on your assets that has something to do with the job description, not your lips. The best shade to choose is one that is close to your lips’ natural color. This way, you won’t look pale or unhealthy but you also create that illusion that you don’t have any lipstick on.

Go easy on the blush on or bronzer.

You don’t want to attend your job interview looking like you’re going to hook up with some guy afterwards. Some women need to take it easy on the brush when applying their blush-on or bronzer. It’s good to look like you have rosy cheeks and glowing skin but you don’t want to overdo it or you will end up looking like a clown from the circus. A little touch of red on your cheeks can already go a long way. Use loose powder to keep it in place and avoid having to re-apply it all the time.

Keep your eye shadow simple.

Women love to experiment with different shades of eye shadows to bring out the color of their eyes. You also want to make your eyes look attractive for your interviewer because you will be looking at each other throughout the interview. However, you need to choose a subtle shade of eye shadow for a job interview for that chic and simple look. You don’t want to choose a dramatic shade of eye shadow or a one with glitters or gold dust. It’s important to keep it simple and choose a nude shade that’s close to your natural skin tone. Anyone who went to cosmetology school will give you the same tips.