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How to Get Pet Hair Off You Before You Leave for Work

All pet lovers want to cuddle with their pets because they are cute, adorable and they need to feel loved. Sometimes, pet owners love their pets too much that they can’t help but give them a hug in the morning before going to work. This can be troublesome because pet hair can easily stick to your clothes and they are not easy to remove. Pet owners need to know the easiest ways to remove pet hair from their clothes or risk going to work with hair all over you. There are plenty of ways to remove pet hair and if you are looking for tips, here are some that you can try.


Soak your hand in water and wipe the pet hair off of your clothes in a downward motion. You will see the hair ball up and it is sure to stick to your wet hand. The pet hair becomes wet and is therefore heavier so it won’t stick to your clothes or any other surface because of static electricity. You can also dampen a sponge that you use in the kitchen or a sponge mop if you are dealing with a bigger surface. Rub the sponge over the area with pet hair and it should roll up into clumps that you can easily pick up by hand.

Gripping surfaces

You can use Velcro curlers and rub it onto the surface where you see pet hair. If you are using curlers that have a metal for its core, you can bend it to reach difficult corners. You can also try using sellotape to get rid of pet hair. Wrap some of it around your hand using the sticky side to tap on surfaces with pet hair.

Magnetic attraction

Use a latex glove to rub on surfaces with pet hair and it will stick to your glove. If you have a bigger area to manage, you can use a rubber broom and use it on your floors. If you want to increase the effectiveness of your gloves and broom, dampen the rubber section before rubbing it on the surface with pet hair. You can also use a balloon to get rid of pet hair on your clothes. Because of the static found on the surface of the balloon, it will attract the pet hair. You can re use the balloon after collecting the pet hair. Use a pair of shoes that has a rubber sole and drag it along the area with pet hair. You can ball the hair up and collect it afterwards. For added effectiveness, fabric softener combined with water can be a good solution to apply to any area where you have pet hair problems.

Preventing hair build-up

If you always have pet hair problems, you need to consider doing something to prevent it from happening again. Place your clothes in an area where you don’t allow your pets to be. You can also groom your pets regularly to prevent their loose hair from falling off. If you have carpets, you need to have vacuums so you can clean your furniture regularly.